How Our Virtual Office Works

We Have Multiple Plans Available That Can Be Customized
We have learned that every Virtual Tenant's needs are unique.  Some
virtual office tenants just want to list our address as their "Spokane"
office.  Others just want help with their phones.  Some need to meet
clients in a professional setting.  Even within those categories, our
Virtual Tenants have specific needs.  Chances our, we can custom tailor
a plan that works for you.

Samples of Different Plans/Services Available:

       Fax / Phone Line and Phone System Only
       Toll-free or Local Business Lines
       Long Distance Calling
       Phone Answering / Forwarding Only
       Mail Only (locking mailboxes, mail notification, mail forwarding)
       Meeting Space Only
       Voice Mail Only (w/ auto attendant; e-mail notification, etc.)
       IT Support for Home Computer
       Credit Card Merchant Processing
       Office Assistant
       Appointment Setting
       Photocopy Service
       Outgoing Mail Center
       Front Sign (for marketing)       

We believe that any plan must be "win-win"; meaning that you must be
happy with the service you are receiving and the monthly cost or our
relationship is destined to fail. The following is a brief overview of some
of the different services:

Phone:  To really understand everything our phone system can do, you
need to come in for a visit.  Suffice it to say, it is amazing.  Most large
businesses do not have the phone system that you will have at your desk
top.  The following barely scratches the surface:  Through your computer,
you create a VPN connection to our phone system server.  This allows
you to work remotely without anyone knowing you are not sitting here in
our/your office.  Our professional receptionist can tell from her screen if
you are on the phone, in a meeting or out of the office.  She will answerer
your calls and forward them to you.  If you are not working at home that
day, no problem.  We can send the call to any number or our
sophisticated phone system will search for you at different numbers,
assuming you have enabled it to do so.  You can receive and juggle 8
calls at a time.  You can conference call up to 6 people.  You can transfer
calls to any third party.  You will have an auto attendant answer your calls
after hours.  If you desire, you can allow callers to leave messages, or
take different actions, such as "find you" by pressing different buttons.

Your voice message can all be integrated into your Microsoft Outlook
program.  You can see at a glance who left you a message without
surfing through messages.  

Mail:  We are flexible.  We can receive and hold; call and notify; call and
read; open and fax; or open and e-mail.  We work with you to create a
service that works best for your business.

Conference Room:  The schedule for all conference rooms is published
on the web.  All you have to do is go to the calender and at a glance you
will see what rooms are available and when.  You can then schedule
your appointment on that calender with your client right then.  It is that

Phone Line:  We give you a business line that can also receive
facsimiles.  You will have voice mail, 6 party conference calling capability,
call forwarding, multi-line incoming call capability; caller ID, call transfer
and numerous other features.  This is all included in the base price.

Special Services for Lawyers:

We have several attorneys who are virtual tenants.  One advantage to
practicing out of Spokane Virtual Offices is the instant network of
attorneys and other businesses that you will instantly be a part of.   

Most of our attorneys have a conference room, receptionist, copy
privileges, phone system and more and pay $300.00 per month or less.  

We will stamp "received"  pleadings served on you and notify you of
receipt.  We know how critical timing can be to promptly respond/reply to

We have a messenger service that picks up twice daily to help you timely
file and serve your pleadings, letters and other documents.

Look at our
Vendor Partners page.  You will see that our attorney tenants
receive special pricing on paralegal services, service of process (from
one of our own virtual tenants) and legal document copying.   We also
have a court reporter who is a virtual tenant, which makes scheduling
depositions easy.

Special Services for Contractors, and Virtual Tenants Selling Financial
Products/Services and Other Inside and Outside Sales:

We can train our receptionist/service agent to screen and qualify calls for
your particular service or industry.  We can schedule qualified, new client
appointments on your calender and e-mail or fax you an updated
appointment list.  If you use Microsoft Outlook, we can "share" your
calender and schedule directly into it if you like.  We can put in place
protocol to serve your particular needs, including protocol whereby our
agent calls you if there is any uncertainty about scheduling a caller.

Other Services:

-        Free Parking
-        Credit Card Processing (so you do not have the initial and monthly
cost of subscribing to a credit card processing service)
-         Temporary assistants on projects and other temporary staffing
-        Use of Copy Machine
-        On Site Bathrooms/Kitchen
-        On Site Storage of Business Forms and Materials
-        On Site Display of Cards and Personal Items to Personalize Your
-        High Speed Internet
-        Client Greeting and Reception Room
-        Use of office for receptions, parties and group presentations.

If there is a service we do not have listed, please check with us.

We try to treat you and your clients just like this is your space, like our
receptionist is your receptionist, like our business depends on your
clients' satisfaction.  We are not a corporate chain in a big, sterile
building.  We are here to make you a success!