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What is Virtual Office Space?

A virtual office can be many things.  If you want, a virtual office can be nothing
more than a step up from a post-office box so at least you can market a
physical address that is not your home.  It can also be a fully staffed and
equipped office with your own phone numbers, fax number, shared
receptionist, assistants, bookkeeper, accountant, computer support personal
and more.  It can also be anything in between depending on the needs of your
particular business.

Imagine an answering service, a post-office box, a meeting space, a
temporary employment agency, a Mailboxes etc, and a Kinkos all under one
roof to help you run your business.  For more information, or to become a
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What is the Cost of a Virtual Office?

A good virtual office will provide many packages with bundles of services and
the price will vary depending on the services you need and the amount you
use them.  There should also be flexible pricing for
ala carte services that you
don't normally use and therefore would not want to include them in a monthly
package - but you want them available at a reasonable price.  

Advantages of Virtual Office Space.

There are many advantages to a virtual office over traditional brick and mortar.
 In fact, thanks to cutting edge telecommunication technology, soaring gas
prices, congested traffic, and other lifestyle issues, many virtual tenants  
would never go back to fixed office space.

Technology has changed the world and how we do business.  Technology
now makes it possible for you to have a professional, virtual office to meet
clients and receive mail and phone calls but you do not have to actually rent
physical space.  You can run a business with low overhead and your clients
do not need to know.

- It is cheap and fast.  You can have an address, receptionist, phone lines, fax
line, phone system, copy machine, credit card processing and more and be
open for business in a few hours for very little money.

-It is flexible.  If you have a part-time assistant who works from 8-12, you are
in trouble if an urgent project comes up at 1:00 pm.  A virtual office is always
staffed and you only pay for the services you use.


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The Entry to your Virtual Office- elegant granite and
travertine tile and French doors - all designed to
make your clients feel relaxed.
 - It is professional.  On your own, you may not be able to afford a conference room, a receptionist, a phone system, a fast copy machine
and all of the other amenities of a big company.  Consequently, your corporate image suffers.  With a virtual office, you have all of those
things so you can project a corporate presence for even the smallest of home businesses.  

-You can work remotely.  A good virtual office will have the right phone system and technology allowing you to seamlessly work from your
home and your clients never need to know unless you tell them. Of course, that means saving money at the gas pump, avoiding traffic
and having more free time.

- You are Part of a Large Commerce Network.  A virtual office is filled with several small businesses offering goods and services.  A
good virtual office will help the virtual tenants create a business network wherein the virtual tenants want to buy from and refer business
to each other.

-  There may be tax advantages to having part of your home set up to conduct business.

What Are The Disadvantages of Virtual Office Space?

- Some people just need to get out of the house sometimes or else they will go crazy.  (At SVO we address this with our "Unlimited
Drop-In" program)

- Some people feel they are not as efficient working at home.  Studies show that this is not necessarily true and thus more and more
corporations are allowing and in fact encouraging working from home.

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices, visit the following links:

Who is a Typical Virtual Tenant?

Any business, including those that:

-   Want a low-cost, flexible and low-risk alternative to renting, staffing, furnishing and equipping a conventional office;
-  Are testing a new product, service or idea;
-  Are downsizing from a conventional office;
-  No longer wants to answer their own phone calls, use a post office box or meet clients at a coffee shop;
-  Wants to establish an inexpensive business presence in a new territory where the virtual office is located;
-  Is seeking a business address, receptionist or other services to enhance their corporate image;
-  Wants to shift administrative and reception duties to others so that they can increase their productivity and ultimately their profit;
-  Needs a business address and/or phone number for complying with government regulations;
-  Needs additional staff but has no place to house them or no desire for a pay-roll;
-  That needs a place open during business hours for receipt of mail and parcels, and/or client drop-offs or pick-ups.