Ala Carte Price Menu:

Ala Carte services are services that are not included in your monthly package or
services that you used more times than your monthly package allows.  If you
need these services on a routine basis or if you are constantly using a service
more than your month package allows, please check with us on bulk pricing.

Serve as Your Washington Registered Agent:                $7.00 per month

Incorporate Your Business w/ Washington State
Secretary of State:                                                          $225.00
per hour plus
filing fee

Help You Set-Up a Washington Bank Account:                $
30.00 per hour

Receive and “Scan” Deposit Checks into Coastal
Community Bank Account:                                               $1.00 per check
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Long Distance Phone Charges:

International:                                                            Varies
Within U.S.                                                               
10 cents/min.
Within WA                                                                5.6 cents/min.                

Photo Copies and Prints:                                                $0.25 (less for bulk copy

On Demand Assistant:                                                   $
30.00 per hour
                                                                                       (minimum one-tenth of
                                                                                       hour per task
(less for
multi-hour tasks)

       Tasks that will be billed at this rate include:  scanning; faxing; collecting
payments; writing receipts; copying; e-mailing; scheduling appointments;
scheduling conference rooms; dispensing and collecting papers and documents
such as time cards, pay-checks, product literature.

Bookkeeping/Accounting:                                               $40.00 per hour

Notary Stamp:                                                                $
3.00 per stamp.

Credit Card Processing:                                                 $5.00 plus any
        transaction fees charged
        to SVO.

Porting a Phone Number In:                                           $75.00

Releasing a phone number:                                           $25.00

Listing Your Phone Number w/
Directory Assistance:                                                      $48.00 per year

Changing Caller-ID Info:                                                 $60.00

Sign in Front of Building:                                         $125 per year for 1’ x 1’
                                                                               $250 per year for 1’ x 2’
                                                                               $500 per year for 1’ x 4’
                                                Plus the cost to create and install the sign.

SVO Set-Up Fees:                                  

Any Package w/ out a Phone:                                           $30.00
Any Package w/ Phone Package:                                   

Refundable Key Deposit:                                                  $Cost of Monthly

Use of Meeting/Conf. Room:                                          $
30.00 per hour

Computer IT Support:                                                    $
100.00 per month

Legal Messenger Service:                                             $25.00 per month

Mail Forwarding:                                                            $
3.00 plus postage*

Your Mail Package may already include weekly forwarding - this applies if
you  need this service more often.

Use of Fax Machine:

If you fax:  
                                                                  No charge

Live Answered Call:                                                 
      $1.75 per call

Hard Transfer:                                                       $25.00 per month
                                                                             plus long distance charges.

   This is a local phone number automatically forwarded to another number.

(Services available and Prices Subject To Change without notice).