About Our Business

Spokane’s small businesses have a new and smarter way to do business called virtual
offices.  With emerging phone and computer technology, small businesses can now
run their offices from any remote location, such as a house, lake home or the
shopping mall on a mobile phone, while making it appear to their clients that they
are in an office on their business line.

Why Spokane Virtual Offices are we better than other virtual offices:

- We give our tenants a full, PC based phone system.  Call us and we will explain
why this makes working at home 100% more practical and professional than simply
having calls transferred to you.

- We pay for our client's business phone lines and fax line so they do not have the
expense of extra phone lines at home.

- All of our offices are meeting/conference rooms so rooms are almost always
available.  Some providers fill their space with "Executive" Offices so the on-sight
tenants compete with the virtual tenants for use of one or two conference rooms.

-  We have easy, free parking which your clients will appreciate.

- We call you when your mail arrives and describe it to you - free of extra charge.

-  We have
Vendor Partnerships - vendors catering to small businesses who offer
exclusive discounts on goods and services to our Virtual Tenants.  This means, as a
Virtual Tenant, you will receive discounts on photocopies and other needs that you
will not receive if you are a tenant elsewhere.

- Unlike other Virtual Offices, we have a stringent
Confidentiality Policy.

- You have the option of listing your name on the front of our building which will be
seen by thousands of drivers a day.

- We allow you to store forms and other materials on-site so you do not have to haul
stuff to client meetings.

How We Do It:

With Spokane Virtual Offices' phone technology, our receptionist can seamlessly
transfer calls to a remote tenant without the caller knowing that the tenant is off-site.  
Answering services have been doing this for years, but with new technology, our
virtual tenants can return calls from a mobile or home phone and it appears to the
recipient that the call is coming from the virtual tenant’s business line.   Applying
this technology, Spokane Virtual Offices, a local provider of virtual office space,
charges virtual tenants a nominal monthly fee for a “virtual office.” Although they do
not lease any actual space, tenants may use Spokane Virtual Offices' office at 1312
North Monroe Street. Spokane, Washington as their business location. Virtual
tenants can meet clients at the office and use one of the spacious, furnished
conference or meeting rooms.

Upon arrival, clients are welcomed by a receptionist and invited to wait in the
reception area for the virtual tenant.  Virtual tenants can have their mail scanned
and e-mailed or faxed for their convenience.  For a personal touch, virtual tenants
can leave diplomas and trade materials in a conference or meeting room and put
their name on a sign in front of the building.

The monthly cost depends on the amount of services your business needs.  Our
plans are all extremely cost efficient and can be tailored to fit your exact needs.  
Please come for a visit and see our offices.  We are confident that we can figure out
a plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.  


If you hire an answering service and have even light call volume, you can expect to
pay $150.00 a month or more.  Plus, you still have to return the calls from a different
number so you have the expense of another phone line or you have to reveal your
mobile or home phone number to your clients.  We provide you a business and fax
line so you do not have that expense.

Most home phone systems do not allow you to manage multiple lines at once,
conference multiple parties, or transfer calls.  Our system allows you to stack as
many calls as you can handle, conference up to 6 parties and many other features.

You also have to disclose your home address on your business cards and letterhead
or rent a post office box and drive to it periodically to check it.  Not with us.  You list
this address as your office address.  We will receive your mail and forward it to you or
even read it to you.  

When you add all of the services and conveniences you receive, we are sure you
will agree that our services are a bargain.  

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