We know the importance of privacy!

Let's face it, when someone answers your phone calls and receives your mail, they can
learn information about your business and even your clients.  This can be a concern
even for staff working directly for you.  Still, many virtual offices and call answering
services are not sensitive to this issue.  Many agree to provide virtual services but have
few or limited policies or procedures in place to deal with this security issue.  

At Spokane Virtual Offices, we are concerned about protecting your business from the
intentional or unintended disclosure of confidential information.   We require every staff
member to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect you and the information we learn
about your business and your clients.  We also have policies and procedures in place
regarding the shredding of any mail that you want destroyed and storing other mail
away from the public.

We hope you agree, this added protection puts Spokane Virtual Offices above our
competitors.  Please let us know if there are other security measures we can
implement to protect you.

Our Confidentiality Agreement:

The following is signed by every Spokane Virtual Office staff member and kept on file at
our front desk:

I understand that as an employee, agent or contractor for Spokane Virtual Offices,
(“SVO”), I may learn of information relating to one of SVO’s Virtual Tenants or
information relating to a client of a Virtual Tenant.  I swear to keep all information I
learn about all Virtual Tenants and about all of their clients completely confidential.  
Such information may be disclosed to others only in the following circumstances:

1.        I may disclose confidential information to other employees, agents or
contractors of SVO who have also signed a confidentiality agreement to the extent
disclosure is necessary for the practical operation of SVO’s business;
2.        I learn that the Virtual Tenant is engaging in unlawful, illegal, patently offensive
or patently immoral conduct that I believe is inconsistent with SVO’s services;
3.        The Virtual Tenant has authorized, in writing, disclosure to a third-party; or
4.        I am obligated by a valid subpoena or court order to disclose confidential
This agreement shall apply to all confidential information learned before entering the
agreement.  This agreement shall also apply into the future even if Virtual Tenant is
no longer SVO’s virtual tenant or I am no longer affiliated with SVO.

Signed this ________ day of 20__.

By: ____________________________

Printed Name:____________________